This is a Minecraftian game in which you can fly, throw torches, and build airships. It features an infinitely large, procedurally generated, three dimensional world, gliders, grappling hooks, logic gates and mechanisms. It is currently on a rather permanent hiatus.

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Since it is not mentioned in the game controls, I will at least mention it here, to create a new construction, just press the comma key, it will make a free standing orange block to build a construction around. Also, it seems that occasionally when you create a new world you fall into nothingness. It is probably just an oddity in world gen, creating a new world should fix it.

Mountable grappling cannons are up and functional, the steering wheel has instead become a steering plate, because those are rather easier to draw. Interacting with a steering plate will cause your position to become fixed relative to the plate and all movement commands will be redirected to the plate mechanism. Interacting again will give you normal movement back. Future updates will be delayed for a while on account of a major rewrite to allow for networking and other fun stuff.

Made grappling hooks work properly with freeform constructions, you can now rappel from your airship, which is highly entertaining. Early attempts to use the player as an anchor have not been entirely successful. Also added air drag, which is less exciting but handy to have. Mountable grappling cannons, better mechanism configuration and steering wheels are all in the works.

Airships are up and working, just took my first trans-islandic flight. Balloons and Lodestones provide controllable buoyancy, propellers provide propulsion. There were a few bugs -- airships becoming more buoyant when you were looking away from them, accelerating to relativistic velocities when you descended near trees, and so on -- but most of those have been resolved. The physics gun is now functional as well, so you can move your constructions without running into them.

A view from the bridge

The Mk. III seen from the ground

(The Mk. I and Mk. II were a little too buoyant and are currently somewhere far, far away)

Just made the first steps towards free-form constructions. You can now make life sized tetris blocks and kick them around.

Recently released first version of Axistential (by the working title LucesErrantes) on reddit and decided that I would need a website, so here it is.

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